Standard Ladles for Lip Pouring

Acetarc manufacture a full range of Foundry Ladle suitable for cast iron and other metals. These extend from small 100 kg ladles up to 50 tons geared or ungeared. All Acetarc ladles are built to the same rigorous standards and subject to the same inspection and testing be they small 250 KG capacity or 50 tonne capacity. Each ladle is fully load tested and supplied with the appropriate test certificate prior to dispatching.
Shown below is small selection from our extensive range.

The Westminster and Somerset are suitable for the jobbing Foundry, making small batches or one off castings, because of their lighter construction; the sizes of this type of ladle are limited, with the Somerset having a maximum capacity of 1250 KG and the Westminster having a maximum capacity 4000 KG.

Shown is a 500 KG. Somerset type Teapot Spout ladle suitable for the small jobbing Foundry,

This class of ladle is built to Acetarc’s high standards, being of a fully welded construction design, and having welded on machined Trunnions rotating in cast iron collet bushes, fixed in steel forged collet clips which are bolted to the lifting bail. Our well proven oil bath gear box is fitted as standard to this type of ladle. All moving parts are fitted with standard lubricating points, as with all Acetarc ladles these are subject to rigorous inspection and testing during and after manufacturing, prior to dispatch.

The Cornwall ladle has the addition of a swing back cover, which gives the advantage of retaining heat when carrying out multi-casting on a mechanized line, these again, are built to Acetarc high standards but, the sizes are normally limited to 1250 KG.

Picture on left shows an Acetarc type Cornwall ladle being filled via electric furnace. Note the cover hinged back to permit easy filling.

The WORKHORSE range of Foundry ladles is the result of over thirty -five years of experience in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty ladles for all foundry applications. Manufactured in a range of standard rated capacities, starting at 100Kg and going up to 50 Tonnes (Cast Iron) for geared ladles, the WORKHORSE ladle is designed for continuous and trouble free service over long periods. Where there are special factors to be considered, the modular design of the WORKHORSE ladle allows individual ladles to be designed to suit a customer’s specific requirements both quickly and with minimum extra cost. This class of ladle is built to the highest standard to give years of trouble free service hence the name WORKHORSE.

Shown below are some examples of the WORKHORSE ladles

Picture shows a 5 Tonne remote controlled transfer ladle in use at the Ford foundry at Leamington Spar

Until the closure of this plant Acetarc was the preferred suppliers of foundry Ladles. Having been a supplier ladles to Fords for over thirty years.

Diagram of Workhorse ladle showing details of construction

The main features of the WORKHORSE heavy-duty ladle are listed below:

The Ladle shell is tapered for increased strength and rigidity, with reinforcing bands top and bottom in addition to the centre band. Depending on the size of the ladle shell, extra reinforcement is added to the ladle shell by the addition of under-straps. The complete assembly is of fully welded construction. The standard Workhorse ladle design can incorporates AIR VENTED BOLT ON TRUNNIONS and the mounting assembly for the trunnions is stepped off the shell to give a free flow of air behind the trunnions. This reduces the heat transference from the ladle shell to the gearing.

The bolt-on trunnion design allows the lifting assembly and gearing to be removed far more easily than a conventional design and also enables the trunnions to be easily replaced in the event of wear or damage.

The trunnions rotate in large flexible roller bearings, located in cast iron housings. This type of bearing minimizes the effort required to rotate the ladle and, unlike the plain bearings often used by other is less prone to tramp metal pick-up that can cause scoring or seizure of the trunnion.

TYPICAL SIZES FOR STANDARD LIP POUR LADLES (Cast Iron) The Heavy-duty ladle design is shown below but the dimensions given are also applicable for the Westminster Medium duty ladle designs. Side and base lining thicknesses are suggested allowances and should not be taken as binding. When the ladle is fitted with the suggested lining allowance and filled to the given freeboard level, the ladle will have the working capacity given when filled with molten cast iron having a density of 6643Kg per cubic metre.

Please note that the dimensions given are offered for guidance only and should not be taken as binding. If you do not see the required capacity or have special requirements, we are happy to adjust the ladle sizes to suit your specific needs.